LemonTree Pastries and Desserts creates each batch of treats by hand in the kitchen of Dale Moser, using only the finest ingredients.  Dale Moser has worked very hard all her life to support her family and 2 children.  Becoming married and pregnant at a young age she left her dreams of baking behind her to take care of her family.  Now that her children are grown and she has 4 beautiful grandchildren she wants to get back to what she had always dreamed about.  She has baked all of her life but only for her family and friends.  Now she is stepping out to share it all with you.  This is a home based bakery.   She makes sure that her heart, soul and most of all her love goes into each and very tasty treat.

Here at LemonTree Pastries and Desserts have a wide range of goodies for you to try.  Just to name a few are: cupcakes, cookies, lemon squares, old fashion hermits, cinnamon buns, coffee cake and much more. You can special order for your special occasion or for yourself cakes or pies. You might see LemonTree at your local famers market or craft fair.


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lemon Tree Pastries